In 2014 I came across the Sussex Coronation Lavender Based, at a breeder in the USA, I had to wait at the big gate, a bit further the breeder opened the stable doors, about 50 animals came out of the stable, I was spontaneously in love on the Sussex Coronation Lavender Based. As you may have read, one of the website pages already, contains the opening story.
After deliberation, I wanted to broaden this color further, because it was not present in the EU.

2015 Finally, on October 10, 2015 the first 5 chicks hatched and that after 18 months of searching for hatching eggs, it was really not easy! After that I had to deal with many rules and with many people. I had to join a local Association and the KLN. (Poultry Association the Netherlands). I did it all, so that the new Sussex color Coronation Lavender Based could be added to the Sussex breed in the breed standard.
The first 5 Sussex Coronation Lavender Based chicks in the Netherlands.

2016 When the animals were a few months old, there was a poultry judge who wanted to check the color, to see if it was the right color and that there was no misunderstanding between Lavender Based and Blue Based. This poultry judge indicated very clearly that this was the real Lavender Based color. You can see that, there are small cross stripes in the Coronation Lavender Based.
The small transverse lines in the wing color are difficult to see.
To multiply this color, it had to be done properly. The new animals that i breed, had to have a ring on their leg from the year they were born. I made a pedigree myself, so that I got insight about the bloodlines. Because there was a setback, the first 2 hens i had, died due to a mistake of a vet, who had given the birds wrong medication. It cost me 18 months to come back where i was.
As a result, I had to cross other animals, this could only be done with the Sussex Light, it took me 3 months to find the right hens, to get good results for the Lavender Based color. There were a number of chicks from 2 bloodlines. Fortunately I was able to continue with that.

The Sussex Coronation Lavender Based was going to be registered at an exhibition to have the Lavender Based color recognized. I clearly asked if the responsible board member of the Sussex Association would keep me informed of the application. After a few weeks I asked if the application had been made  and send, the answer was "Yes", the application for the Sussex Coronation Lavender Based was send along with the Orpington's, but I did not receive a copy of the message.

I then tried again to get in touch, by e-mail, WhatsApp, texting how it was with the request. It remained silent.
However, I soon found out that the board member of the Sussex Association did not have the application sent to the KLN Standard Committee. The e-mail had to be checked carefully, but the confirmation came, the KLN Standard Committee for the section of Large Fowl chickens, that the application had not been received.

That application had to be received before 1 March 2017, when there was still a few days to go. At that point, I sent an email to the President of the Sussex Association. Within 5 minutes I received a text messages from  the board member who should have sent the request. That messages came in by Whats-App. What I got to read in there is not worth repeating.

After a few days I received a confirmation from the KLN-Standard Committee section of large fowl chickens, that the application recognition had been submitted to the KLN Standard Committee for the color Sussex Coronation Lavender Based. Hooray, it could go on!

Later, in March 2017, there was a meeting at the Sussex Association, They asking if anyone wanted to make the club magazine. With my background as a designer, that was no problem. I immediately started updating the layout. Rewriting pieces that came in. Here too, it went wrong again, I did not receive e-mail addresses to send the new club magazine, they still had to be looked up. The June edition then had to become an emergency summer edition. I eventually stop from this position in August, I cannot work with a secretary who does not keep his promises.

I canceled my membership at the Sussex Association and I applied to the KLN Standard Committee for another new color variety, the Sussex Coronation Blue Based.

The two colors, Sussex Coronation Lavender Based and Sussex Coronation Blue Based were presented for the first time at the Midden Drenthe Show, visible to audience. After alot of tug of war from various sides, the Sussex Association had to view all the animals and had to give an opinion on the  all animals, for the both colors. Finally a report came in from the Sussex Association, the animals got a positive result.
Midden Drenthe Show 2018

Subsequently, on December 17, 2018, I received an e-mail from the KLN Standard Committee that Sussex Coronation Blue Based had been recognized, through the abbreviated procedure and that this was going to be published in early 2019. The fast recognition of the Sussex Coronation Blue Based has to do with the shortened procedure, because this color is already recognized in another breed, such as the Brahma.
When I fell in love with the color of the Sussex Coronation Lavender Based and everything went well, I would also like to know who created this color. As I remember, I did a search years ago, but then I couldn't find much information that I would like to have.
I have a very good friend in Australia, i asked her if she wanted to help me. Read the story of the history of the Sussex Coronation Lavender Based. [CLICK HERE]
When I spoke to the breeder in Australia for 90 min, we talked about the recognition. This color variety is also recognized in Australia. He would be delighted that the Sussex Coronation Lavender Based would be recognized in Europe after many years. This breeder is already on a age, that long-distance travel is quite to much for him.
In this year it was the turn of the Sussex in Coronation Lavender Based. The animals were registered for the introductory class at the Noordshow "Animal Parade" 2019. 2 cocks and 4 hens, these had to be assessed to be able to move on for recognition the following year. It was a well attended animal show.
A board member of the Sussex Association whispered in my ear that without his report, the animals would never have been at the North Show. Which of course was nonsense. After the show I discussed this with one of the members of the KLN Standard Committee. This indicated that I should not care much about it, because it was not true at all.
But that a board member from the Sussex Association can simply display this behavior, of course too gross for words.

At the Show there were also nice conversations with visitors and other breeders from home and abroad: Italy, Belgium, Germany, France, Denmark, Austria and Switzerland. There were people who immediately wanted to make an appointment to see the other animals at home and the hope that a few could be bought. But as long as the recognition is not finalized, I would rather wait. I am still in love with this Lavender color. When you see the animals walking on the property, they are still gems to me.

Not one bird has is the same in character, although you do see traits in the offspring, which makes it fun.

Spring was coming and recognition had to be taken into account to send in the right animals, old animals and young animals. I got down to complying with these rules. I regularly kept a poultry judge informed about how the breeding was going..
On March 1, 2019, I received from the Sussex Association by e-mail the "digital certificate". To my amazement, the Sussex Association was listed as the applicant for the color Coronation Blue Based drawn animals. I did not agree with this, because I was the applicant myself and I had submitted the application directly to the KLN Standard Committee. I was told by the KLN Standard Committee that this was the procedure and that nothing else could be done about it. I wrote to the secretary KLN Standard Committee again, that I was the applicant, but I got the answer back that I should not complain. I've let it rest, but I still disagree till today. Because the Sussex Association is NOT the one that breeds the animals, they are NOT the owners of the animals, the breeders are.

Well spacious before the Midden Drenthe Show 2019, I sent the board of the Sussex Association an e-mail.

"Dear board members, I would like to inform you that the Sussex Coronation Lavender Based animals will be entered at the Midden Drenthe Show. If necessary, the animals can be viewed there again. It is also possible to view the animals at my home, please let me know. Otherwise, i see you at the Midden Drenthe Show from 10/24/2019 to 10/26/2019 in Beilen "

I haven't heard nothing from the Sussex Association. I have decided, only to display young animals at the Midden Drenthe Show in Beilen. Both colors, Sussex Coronation Blue Based and Sussex Coronation Lavender Based were present. A Coronation Blue Based hen got a ZG94, the other hen was a bit too light and the cock was not ready yet, but still a good rating. The Sussex Coronation Lavender Based took precedence not to get me a rating. The animals had not quite finished moulting.

Also at the Midden Drenthe Show there was NO poultry judge from the Sussex Association send in. Then it remained quiet until November 22, 2019.
A few Sussex Coronation Lavender Based animals were placed at the PKV Ter Apel "de Kloosterveen Show" 2019, for the first time in this region. After the inspection, the poultry judge went to my home to see the breeding animals of that year. He has seen young birds of the Sussex Coronation Lavender Based and held a rooster and was very pleased with the result.
In the evening of November 22, 2019, a board member of the Sussex Association called me, to ask where I was going to put the animals ( on the end of the show season? ). He had received an e-mail from the KLN Standard Committee that pre-advice had to be issued for the Sussex Coronation Lavender Based. This one had no idea what to do next. That board member of the Sussex Association commented, "I don't know if the animals have gotten better or worse," to which I invited him again to view the animals here at home.

However,  He gave me the answer, "yes, I live in Belgium, that's not next door" and told me that he would send an email to the KLN Standard Committee what was now the intention and that I would  get a copy of it.
You guessed it already ?, of course nothing came in !!
All Sussex Coronation Lavender Based animals that was needed for recognition had already been re-gistered for the Noordshow 2020.
On December 13, 2019 I received an e-mail from the KLN-Standard Committee. With the request to get in touch with each other (Sussex Association and me as the breeder).

Given what has been described above, you will of course understand that I had no need for that at all. Copy from email:

"I received a message from the animal group secretary Noordshow that the Sussex in the color white Lavender Based has been entered in the recognition class. What is still lacking in the procedure included in the regulations for recognitions is the pre-advice from the NSODC (article 13) on the quality of this color variety on the basis of animals that must be shown this season according to article 11 of the regulations. We would like to receive the pre-advice from the NSODC before the start of the North Show. We request both parties to enter into consultation and to come to an advice on what may be the basis for a possible recognition".

After this I immediately contacted the KLN- Standard Committee by telephone about this e-mail. I informed the Secretary of the Standard Committee that the President of the Sussex Association did not contact us by telephone until November 22, 2019 and that he had no idea what needed to be done next. That the president of the Sussex Association would send another e-mail to the KLN Standard Committee. But that has not been done. The secretary of the KLN Standard Committee made another comment: "Contact the Sussex Association, you have to arrange it yourself, I will not get a headache again". That was the end of the conversation, very short and rude.

This was enough for me to be put down twice. First all the nagging with the Sussex Association about the Sussex Coronation Blue Based and now again for the Sussex Coronation Lavender Based and now also by the KLN Standard Committee. It is crazy for words that it has to be so difficult with a recognition. There was still some going back and forth with e-mails, but then it remained quiet.

On December 19, 2019, I sent an e-mail about the course of events to the EE (EE = Entente Européenne, The Entente is a European organization to which some thirty countries from Western and Eastern Europe are affiliated)

The answer was:
"As EE, we cannot do anything. We do not intervene in national proceedings as we do not want to stand above national committees. Now we find the NL procedures quite complex and we have already stated that it would be better not to place so much responsibility with the specialty clubs, but that is a choice of KLN and their right. It will therefore have to be resolved within KLN".

The animals of 2019 had grown beautiful and we were just before Christmas and New Year's Eve. After all that has been written for this, nothing has come in anymore. So it remained silent on all fronts, both from the KLN Standard Committee and from the Sussex Association.

January 2020
Still nothing has come in from the KLN Standard Committee or the Sussex Association board.

With the foregoing, as a protest and to make a statement, I did not exhibit the Sussex Coronation Lavender Based signed animals at the North Show 2020 (but sure i paid for it).
On January 8, I filed a complaint with the chairman of KLN and with the KLN secretary, with a receipt and reading confirmation. I got no response back.

On January 19th I received an email from the KLN Standard Committee. This was addressed to the Sussex Association and a copy to me.

"Dear Secretary,
Last Friday, our committee was unable to judge the entered Sussex Coronation Lavender Based at the 2020 federation show as an entry, all animals were absent. Based on this information, your application for recognition has been rejected at this time. In case of a possible new entry at a future federation show, we ask you to provide a pre-advice from your breeding committee on the basis of animals that were shown in that show season. We would like to receive the image and advice from your breeding committee no later than December 1, prior to the federation show that will be submitted".
Because of this letter from the KLN Standard Committee, I submitted a complaint to the KLN Standard Committee on the same evening on 19 January about the course of events. I had received nothing about the complaint of January 8th except a receipt and a read confirmation. On January 27, I sent another email to KLN to confirm that the complaint of January 9 had been received correctly. This time I got a message back that it had been forwarded to the correct person within the KLN Standard Committee.
But I still had not received confirmation about the e-mail of January 19, so I followed it up again.

"I have sent an email, see the info below. Has it been received in good order? Please confirm from your side".

On February 7th I received the confirmation within.
"Case has been received in good order. "I Will bend over this and find out ! Come back to this "

Months passed and I heard nothing.
I gave them some time due to corona period, but did NOT show anything at all !!

Not responding to letters / e-mails, shows NO respect and professionalism.

Just a brief overview of the letters that I have been sent:

January 9, 2020, Complaint about Sussex Special Club's negligence.
No reaction.

January 19, 2020, Complaint about the Sussex Association and result of the KLN Standard Committee.
No reaction.

October 22, 2020, Complaint about pending complaints to be resolved from Jan 8, 2020 and Jan 19, 2020.
No reaction.

November 23, 2020, Complaint about the current complaints and expects a decision to be made within 14 days.

6 days later I received an answer on November 29, 2020:
"The complaint has been received and Mr. * * * * is working on it. He will notify you as soon as he knows more."

Again after weeks no answer until .....

February 26, 2021,
I sent a letter again. I have kept this reasonably short and listed the previous letters  that i have sent, now with a limit in time to reply. Finally I got an answer within the set deadline. "KLN Secretary, The letter has been received in good order." They say that it will be discussed on March 2, 2021 within the board of the KLN ". Then I sent an email back when I would get a response. Again, I received an answer that I would receive an answer by Thursday March 4, 2021 at the latest. "

March 3, 2021,
I received an answer
"Last night we discussed your complaint in the board meeting. Before we can give a correct opinion, we would like to have a conversation with you and then with the standard committee and the relevant Special association. Unfortunately, the con-versation cannot take place physically, so we would like to invite you through  by Teams before Thursday, March 11, at 8:00 PM ".
I have informed the KLN Standard Committee that I agreed with this.

March 11, 2021,
There has been a conversation via Teams. Between KLN Board members and the KLN Standard Committee. It was clear to all that the problem had to be solved for all parties.
March 19, 2021,
An e-mail came in from the KLN secretary: “As an exception,
it was decided to deviate once from the standard procedure for recognitions in connection with this. Corona period. In consultation, two members of the standard committee will appear visit to assess four to a maximum of eight animals for recognition. I had to select these animals myself and present them for recognition. The inspection to inspect the animals for recognition was done on April 7, 2021.
April 16, 2021,
I received the recognition for the Coronation Sussex Lavender Based by mail.
After calling various Sussex associations abroad and having them find out, what is the status of the recognitions there, such as in

The Coronation Sussex Lavender Based it is not recognized there and neither is Canada.

has recognized the Coronation Sussex Lavender Based color and it is still very rare there.

is the Country of origin from the Sussex, recognized the Coronation, but that is the Coronation Sussex Blue Based colour.

The bottom line is that The Netherlands is the second country in the world that will describe this Coronation Sussex Lavender Based colour in the Dutch and European standard for the Sussex breed

Hopefully more countries and breeders around the world will keep and have this beautiful Coronation Sussex Lavender Based variety recognized.

It is a quiet and easy to handle variety for
novice enthusiasts.

A Coronation Link in the Australasian Poultry
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