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Noordshow 2019

Noordshow report will be on soon

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Thrilling news about color recognition Blue based !!!

Unofficially : The Coronation Blue based are recognized by Dutch KLN/EE
To be continued....

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Report: Midden-Drenthe Show 2018

The has finished.
It was superb organized realy amazing !
Both type of Sussex Coronation was shown for the first time ever.
The interest of visitors was stunning.
Also the blue-based was shown for recognition  and i am proud to anounce I've succeded and that part of my mission is accomplished.
Read the full report ... Click on [more...] below

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Midden-Drenthe Show - Beilen NL
Midden-Drenthe Show - Beilen NL

From october 25th untill 27th 2018 the Midden Drenthe Show is ongoing.
Here I will show for the first ever here in the netherlands the Sussex Coronation in both bases; blue and lavender.
The blue based will be running for recognition in the EE/NL Standard.
Come in and have a look yourself.
(Hoefslag 20 , Beilen, NL)

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