How I got the White Pearl gray Columbia and White Blue Columbia (created),
And yet both Sussex Coronation..

In 2014, I was in the US for a visit to family and friends for a long period of time, after more than a week visiting family, we decided to start our trip....
(This was not my first time to be in the US, for over 22 years)
In my holiday I got bad news from the home front, that my Sussex had died them ChaBoo. These are not fun messages during your holiday.

On the way during the trip I was watching on the Internet if I could find Sussex birds, when I saw a beautiful colour stroke, which I hadn't seen before in Europe.
But alas we were here now, then just look at a breeder if that was possible..
Via a Facebook group ' ' American Poultry ' ', the question of who has this breed, few messages came back. After more than a week I finally got in touch with a breeder, he was a member of a special association of the Sussex, only this breeder was 15 hours away from us. We had just passed every City in Oklahoma. He wanted to help me with hatching eggs. So we resisted our route to the breeder's address, heading for the hatching eggs of the great Sussex.

We had some delays due to road work. With 5 hours delay we were finally at the hotel. I had kept the breeder informed by e-mail. In The hotel I tried to call the breeder but did not get a connection. After some searching on the internet I could find the address and we drove to it the next day.
His wife was sitting on the big mower and asked us what we came to do, she did not get really friendly about it, but when we told that we were from the Netherlands and that her husband knew about the appointment, it was good. She went to fetch him.
After some talk we went to watch the chickens, he took a big bucket of food and told us to wait at the fence. He walked to a stable and opened the doors there.... I do not know how much came out, but there the Sussex chickens walked and followed the breeder.... 50 pieces easy. It gave me such an impression that on the spot I was spontaneously in love with this beautiful colour.
We walked on to the small mountain where he had his breeding group.
It was about time we had to go back after a few hours, because the return trip to the north took a few more hours. The hatching eggs went into a cooler between the seats. After that it was immediately back to the family, about 24 hours drive.
Once back at destination I seized the fridge in the garage;-) to keep the hatching eggs cool. Everything was done to get those eggs home. Safe and secure... There are 2 thermos flasks purchased at Wal-Mart and some foam,. I grabbed each egg in with foam and tried to get 5 eggs in each thermos flask.... then I put them in the middle of my suitcase with lots of clothing around it, I also left a message in the Thermos flask, in case they would make it open.

We had a nice and safe flight back home... The first I did was to get the thermos flask out of my suitcase and let it rest, after a few hours I slowly turned the thermos flasks open little by little.
In the evening I could get my hatching eggs. Everything looks good, not broken or torn.  So with good courage we are going on.  The hatching eggs had to rest for another 24 hours before they go into the incubator...... After a few days it went completely wrong.
Later It turned out that the breeder did not pick up his eggs every day.
These were already started with him hence the failed
After much searching on the internet it turned out that this color is not in Europe. This started my quest. I post another message in that same group. But then with the question of who could send me hatching eggs.
Here I got some posts on it, but the problem was the long haul and flight. The shipment took about 7 to 10 days, so the eggs had to be sent very fresh. So collect eggs and send that same day, otherwise it is too long to hatch these eggs.

To keep a very long story short there have been a total of 9 shipments that have not come out. Some breeders do not know how to wrap eggs when they have to make a long journey. Of course there were some breeders who told the most strange stories, why no eggs could be sent, I believe I've had them all in America...

After 14 months of searching and asking for various breeders, a special person has come into my life. Her I told my story by phone, the conversation lasted about 4 hours. It was about my desire to have something from the US in my backyard. This touched her deeply and she told me.. I'm gonna do it for you. Meanwhile I sent her  the special boxes for hatching eggs. .

September 2015, 14 months later, eggs were well packaged and done in foam rubber and on the station. We could follow the entire route, via Chicago to the Netherlands.

After 10 days I saw through the website that the hatching eggs had arrived in the Netherlands, however I had to wait another 24 hours until they were approved by customs.

This kind of thing is then exciting.... But the next day I got hatching eggs inside. Hurray.. They are here, even these hatching eggs had to rest for 24 hours before they could go into the incubator. 9 hatching eggs entered the breeding machine....

After 8 days I could see that 6 were fertilized. With excitement we wait the other 11 days.
The inspect on day 15, there was enough life to be seen in the eggs. Only 6 days to go.  

Day 21: The chicks in the eggs did not really make much sense to come out of their egg, all the appointments were cancelled, so that I could be with my nose at the breeding machine. 

Day 22, there was still not much to see, but careful with a stethoscope I could hear sounds in the eggs. They keep it even more exciting. But in the evening there we saw life in the incubator, there were little holes to see...

Day 23: There were 5 chicks and 1 egg was silent and it remained silent, it did not made it. We continue with 5 chicks.

With great joy I had 5 pretty little chicks that grew wonderfully. One chick had some startup problems, I gave some extra attention and feed. After a week she could join the other chicks, she had even gotten a name... Little
After several weeks they were already big and had to be made in the log cabin...
With some tinkering we had a nice and great place for those 5 chicks made...
Here she grew up nicely.
Jan 2016. The first accident came on my path, there was a rooster not nice and stayed on the ground. After research, it turned out to have an open wound at his wing. We drove directly to a veterinarian. This told that an open wound on the wing was not curable, always prone to many complications, we decided to put him to sleep. We continued with 4 young Chicks... 2 Roosters and 2 hens

In April 2016, Little was not well and I asked to have a vet come in. He has given her medication, but proved not to be sufficient. Her little sister has not taken it and both have died because of a wrong estimation of medication.
My study in treating chickens was then started up.
I didn't want to let this happen again. 
We had to continue with 2 Roosters. I then posted a post I was looking for 3 white black Columbia hens wich gave eggs. This allowed me to continue again. After 3 months I had the right ladies for my roosters.

May 2016, during the change of water one of the Roosters went down on the field, I threw the water tower away and ran to the rooster. He began to foam out of his mouth. My suspicion was a myocardial infarction. As good as I could, I got him back on his feet, but two days later he died.

We had to go through with one rooster, this one had also been given a name, Mr. C.
(This was due to the name Coronation Sussex)
The Rooster Mr. C was crossed on white black Columbia hens, the offspring would be white black Columbia, but inherited Pearl Gray for 50%.

Because 2 different hens were used that had no family ties, I got 2 bloodlines. The fertilization was bad so I did 150 hatching eggs in the incubator, only 9 chicks came out of it.
4 of the 1st Hen and 5 of the 2nd Hen.. Fortunately, there were 2 Roosters and 7 hens. With this I continued to breed better quality. In Total there are now 10 bloodlines. 

In 2017 I have euthanize the last white lavender Columbia Rooster from 2015, which I have treated for 18 months to get his life to the best possible. In consultation with a poultry doctor, we decided to put an end to this. This rooster has also been for autopsy, so I found out what was actually going on.
Research revealed that Mr C had a connective tissue growing on the heart valves, which always had a gasping breath. Also, his male organs were looked at because the fertilization was very poor, also showed that his male organs were far too small for such a big rooster.
Because there were many setbacks of the Lavender Columbia, my girlfriend Janet from England in 2016 sent me as a surprise 6 hatching eggs from the Sussex white blue Columbia to the Netherlands. Here are 3 beautiful chicks hatched but later shows there was no rooster. I also started doing so, so that the 3 white blue Columbia ladies could get a rooster.

I noticed that this European race was smaller than the American Sussex.
The growth went slower than from the Lavender Columbia's. The color also developed more slowly than the other. But we continued to keep hope. Because there were 3 ladies, a rooster had to come. Since we don't have a white blue Columbia in the Netherlands, I had to do it myself.

I asked friends of mine in England if they wanted to watch a big and especially nice quality rooster and this was not just done, this was going to take months and therefore too long, because they also have a problem in England with the keeping of these large Sussex animals .

In 2017 I had my final outcome and there was finally 2 white blue Columbia Roosters. This grew and could be used in 2018 to generate more white blue Columbia's. So that this new colouring battle for recognition could also go on in the Netherlands. 
With some crosses what I had, a beautiful rooster has come from there. Mr. Daniel.
Meanwhile, my white-blue Columbia Rooster Mr. Daniel grew to a volume I wanted to have, so that this breed would also get his original size back as they really should be.
Mr. Daniel and his ladies were put in the breeding group for 2018.

Now the question was, does this generate splash , which would mean, that he really carries the blue gene with him...  With full excitement I waited for the chicks to be there at last... In The early stages you will see nothing but just fluff.
After 2 weeks the chicks got some colours, white black Columbia, White Blue Columbia and... White Chicks.... I had from Splash something else expected.
Anyway I had patience and everything continued to grow.... After 6 weeks it was finally visible.
Mr. Daniel and his ladies did indeed generate Splash.

From this group of chicks who were born at the beginning of 2018, there are now beautiful animals that are now ready to go to the Midden Drenthe show in Beilen. 
After 3 years of breeding the Sussex birds, we are now ready to show the animals to public for the first time.
I would also like to thank those who have contributed to my dream, who have given me the advice, who have helped me , who have followed me in last years.

Thank you very much !!